1. EN: The love was born

Note: English version is product of the Google Translate tool. I have no time to translate all this by myself. Please, excuse us if some parts of the text are hard to understand or read.

Everyone who loves cats has their reasons for doing so. But I don’t think anyone has such a specific reason as I have.

I lived in the countryside, we didn’t have a lot of animals. Never cows, sheep and so on, chickens 2-3 times in a lifetime. But we regularly had cats and pigs. Pigs for food, cats for enjoyment and for hunting mice. Although I thought kittens could be eaten too. The kittens lived in the countryside, they had full freedom to do whatever they wanted, to go wherever they wanted, whenever they wanted. But they had no right to enter the house.

One evening, my sister and I went to sleep in the then common room. Bunk bed, I slept downstairs and she upstairs. I sank into my childhood dreams, I don't remember what I dreamed, it doesn't matter. But I remember very well that in the morning, when I was almost awake, I felt some strange warmth and heaviness on me. And it was not distributed all over the body but in specific locations. I remember very well that it was very strange to me then, at that moment I didn’t know how to define it, at that moment I actually ignored that there was something strange. Almost awake like that, I just ignored it.

When I decided that I was finally tired of sleeping and lying down, I shifted on the bed, stretched, opened my eyes first seeing the wooden planks above me. Then, awake, I realized in my head that something was strange to me. Something I can’t define. That weight and some weird, muffled sounds.

I remember, I quickly raised my head and then one of my favorite moments in life happened. I saw our cats lying next to me, on me, in front of me, behind me, on my chest, on my legs, on my left side, on my stomach, sleeping and happily purring. I was thrilled. That’s when I realized where that weird weight, the warmth, and that weird sound came from. The strange sound was purring. I started screaming and calling my mother to come see.

I remember it looked something like this:

Me: Mateeeeeeeeeeeer!

Ja: Mateeeeeeeeeeer!

Mater: What is it?

Me: Come on!

Mater: What happened?

Me: Come see something!

Mater: What?

Me: Come, you will see!

Mater: What will I see, say finally!

Me: Come and you'll see!

My mother ran in fear, not knowing why I was screaming, what was so mysterious that I couldn't say.

Although the rule was that cats do not have the right to stay in the house, the mother did not immediately drive them out. She left them alone for a while, so I enjoy being with them. Precisely because of the fact that cats are not allowed to enter the house, my enthusiasm was far greater. Because something happened that I could never have expected.

The second part of the enthusiasm belongs to the fact that all the kittens decided to lie with me, which they decided to feel comfortable, cozy and safe next to me and that they want to sleep there too. I interpreted this as an act of friendship, trust, love. And that's where love was born. Mutual. Which still lasts. Although she used to be painful at times, I wrote it here - tugging at the tail and here - the cat on the gallows.

I could add a few more little things to this story, but I won’t now.

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